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168 games found on amigamemo published in the year 1992.
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1869 : Hart am Wind infoscreensmax design1992
3D Construction Kit II photoinfoscreensdomark1992
3D World Tennis photoinfoscreenssimulmondo1992
Abandoned Places - A Time for Heroes photoinfoscreenselectronic zoo1992
Adventures of Willy Beamish, The dynamix1992
Agony photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Air Support photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Airbucks photoinfoscreensimpressions1992
AirForce Commander photoinfoscreensimpressions1992
Alcatraz photoinfoscreensinfogrames1992
Alien 3 photoinfoscreensvirgin1992
Alien Breed Special Edition 92 photoinfoscreensteam 171992
Alien Breed Special Edition 92 [V.2] photoinfoscreensteam 171992
Amberstar photoinfoscreensthalion1992
Apidya [mid box] photoinfoscreensplaybyte1992
Apidya [small box] photoinfoscreensplaybyte1992
Apidya [xs box] photoinfoscreensteam 171992
Aquatic Games, The photoinfoscreensmillennium1992
Aquaventura photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Assassin photoinfoscreensteam 171992
B.C. Kid photoinfoscreensubi soft1992
Bards's Tale Construction Set, The photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Battle Chess II : Chinese Chess photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Battle Isle : Data Disk I photoinfoubi soft1992
Battle Isle : Data Disk I [V.2] photoinfoubi soft1992
Best of the Best Championship Karate photoinfoscreensloriciel1992
Big Run photoinfoscreensstorm1992
Bill's Tomato Game photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Bitmap Brothers : Volume 1, The inforenegade1992
Black Crypt photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Borobodur : Planet of Doom photoinfoscreensthalamus1992
Brides of Dracula photoinfoscreensgonzo games1992
Bunny Bricks photoinfoscreenssilmarils1992
California Games II photoinfoscreensepyx / u.s.gold1992
Campaign photoinfoscreensempire1992
Captain Dynamo photoinfoscreenscodemasters1992
Carl Lewis Challenge, The photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Castle of Dr.Brain infoscreenssierra1992
Catch 'Em photoinfoscreensglobal software1992
Championship Manager infoscreensdomark1992
Cisco Heat photoinfoscreensimage works1992
Cool World photoinfoscreensocean1992
Cover Girl Poker photoinfostorm1992
Covert Action photoinfoscreensmicroprose1992
Crazy Cars III photoinfoscreenstitus1992
Curse of Enchantia photoinfoscreenscore1992
Cyberblast photoinfoscreensinnerprise1992
Cytron photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Dark Queen of Krynn, The photoinfoscreensssi1992
Deliverance photoinfoscreens21st century1992
Discovery : In the Steps of Columbus photoinfoscreensimpressions1992
Dune photoinfoscreensvirgin1992
Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Dyna Blaster photoinfoscreensubi soft1992
Elvira II : Jaws of Cerberus photoinfoscreensaccolade1992
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer photoinfoscreensaudiogenic1992
Epic - The 3D Spectacular photoinfoscreensocean1992
Eye of the Beholder II ENG photoinfoscreensssi1992
Eye of the Beholder II GER photoinfoscreensssi1992
Fire and Ice photoinfoscreensrenegade1992
Formula One Grand Prix photoinfoscreensmicroprose1992
G-LOC R360 photoinfoscreensu.s.gold1992
Global Effect photoinfomillennium1992
Gobliiins photoinfoscreensbomico1992
Guy Spy : The Crystals of Armageddon infoready soft1992
Hannibal photoinfoscreensstarbyte1992
Harlequine photoinfoscreensgremlin1992
Harpoon Scenario Editor photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Heart of China infoscreensdynamix1992
Hexuma photoinfosoftware 20001992
Hugo photoinfoscreensnbg1992
Humans, The photoinfoscreensgametek1992
Indiana Jones IV : The Action Game photoinfolucasarts1992
Ishar : Legend of the Fortress photoinfosilmarils1992
Jaguar XJ220 photoinfoscreenscore1992
Jim Power : In Mutant Planet [mid box] photoinfoscreensloriciel1992
Jim Power : In Mutant Planet [small box] photoinfoscreensloriciel1992
KGB photoinfovirgin1992
Killing Game Show, The photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Legend of Kyrandia, The photoinfovirgin1992
Legend of Robin Hood, The photoinfoscreenssierra1992
Leisure Suit Larry 5 photoinfoscreenssierra1992
Lethal Weapon screensocean1992
Lionheart photoinfothalion1992
Locomotion (kingsoft) photoinfoscreenskingsoft1992
Lords of Time photoinfoscreenshollyware1992
Lotus III : The Ultimate Challenge photoinfoscreensgremlin1992
Lure of the Temptress photoinfoscreensvirgin1992
Magic Garden, The photoinfoscreenselectronic zoo1992
Matrix photoinfoscreenssoftshop1992
Mega Traveller 2 photoinfoscreensempire1992
Megafortress photoinfoscreensmindscape1992
Might and Magic III ENG photoinfoscreensnew world com1992
Might and Magic III GER photoinfoscreensnew world com1992
Monkey Island 2, Le Chuck's Revenge photoinfolucasarts1992
Monkey Island 2, Le Chuck's Revenge US infoscreenslucasarts1992
Myth : History in the Making photoinfoscreenssystem 31992
Nicky Boom photoinfoscreensmicroids1992
No Second Prize photoinfoscreensthalion1992
Oil Barons photoinfoscreenslobo1992
Paladin 2 photoinfoscreensimpressions1992
Paperboy 2 photoinfoscreensmindscape1992
Parasol Stars : Rainbow Island 2 photoinfoscreensocean1992
Patrizier, Der photoinfoascon1992
Pinball Dreams photoinfoscreens21st century1992
Plan 9 From Outer Space gremlin1992
Police Quest 3 photoinfosierra1992
Pools of Darkness infoscreensssi1992
Pools of Darkness US photoinfoscreensssi1992
Populous II : The Challenge Games photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Powermonger World War I Edition photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Premiere photoinfoscreenscore1992
Project X photoinfoscreensteam 171992
Pushover photoinfoscreensocean1992
Putty photoinfoscreenssystem 31992
Rampart photoinfoscreensdomark1992
Red Baron photoinfoscreensdynamix1992
Red Zone photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Regent, Der photoinfoscreensLinel1992
Risky Woods infoscreenselectronic arts1992
Road Rash photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1992
Robocop 3D photoinfoscreensocean1992
Robocop 3D US photoinfoscreensocean1992
Robosport photoinfoscreensocean1992
Rome AD92 : The Pathway to Power infoscreensmillennium1992
Sabre Team ECS photoinfoscreenskrisalis1992
Santa's Xmas Caper photoinfoscreenszeppelin1992
SAT 1 - Bingo photoinfoscreenspcsl1992
Schwarze Auge, Das : Schicksalsklinge photoinfoattic1992
Shadow of the Beast III photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1992
Shadowlands infoscreensdomark1992
Shadoworlds photoinfoscreenskrisalis1992
Sim Ant photoinfoscreensocean1992
Soul Crystal photoinfoscreensstarbyte1992
Space Crusade photoinfoscreensgremlin1992
Space Crusade : The Voyage Beyond photoinfogremlin1992
Space Quest : The Sarien Encounter Re. photoinfoscreenssierra1992
Space Quest IV : Time Rippers photoinfoscreenssierra1992
Special Forces photoinfoscreensmicroprose1992
Stable Master photoinfoscreensesp1992
Steel Empire photoinfoscreensmillennium1992
Stone Age photoinfoscreenseclipse1992
Storm Master photoinfoscreenssilmarils1992
Super Tetris photoinfoscreensmicroprose1992
Sword of Honour photoinfoscreensprestige1992
Tearaway Thomas photoinfoscreensglobal software1992
Titus the Fox : To Marrakech and Back photoinfoscreenstitus1992
Tony & Friends in Kellogs's Land photoinfoscreensrauser-europe1992
Top Banana photoinfoscreenshex1992
Troddlers photoinfostorm1992
Trolls photoinfoscreensflair1992
TV Sports Baseball infoscreensmindscape1992
UGH! photoinfoscreensplaybyte1992
Ultima VI : The False Prophet photoinfoscreensorigin1992
Utopia : The Creation of a Nation +Data photoinfoscreensgremlin1992
Vengeance Of Excalibur virgin1992
Videokid infoscreensgremlin1992
Vision : The 5th Dimension Utopia photoinfoscreensrainbow arts1992
Vroom infoscreenslankhor1992
Vroom : Data Disk photoinfoscreenslankhor1992
Wild West World photoinfosoftware 20001992
Wing Commander photoinfoscreensorigin1992
Winter Camp photoinfolegend1992
Wizkid photoinfoscreensocean1992
Wolfchild photoinfoscreenscore1992
Wolfen photoinfoscreensoase1992
Zyconix photoinfoscreensaccolade1992