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Labyrinth of Time, The CD32 photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1994
Lamborghini American Challenge photoinfoscreenstitus1994
Lancelot infoscreensdatasoft1988
Laser Squad photoinfoscreensblade1989
Last Action Hero photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1994
Last Battle photoinfoscreenselite1991
Last Ninja 2 photoinfoscreenssystem 31990
Last Ninja 3 photoinfoscreenssystem 31991
Leander photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1991
Leavin' Teramis photoinfoscreensthalion1990
LED Storm photoinfoscreenscapcom1988
Legend photoinfoscreensmindscape1991
Legend of Faerghail photoinfoscreensreline1990
Legend of Kyrandia, The photoinfovirgin1992
Legend of Robin Hood, The photoinfoscreenssierra1992
Legend of the Lost photoinfoscreensimpressions1990
Legend of the Sword infoscreensrainbird1988
Leisure Suit Larry 3 photoinfoscreenssierra1990
Leisure Suit Larry 5 photoinfoscreenssierra1992
Lemmings photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1991
Lemmings 2 : The Tribes photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1993
Lemmings Double Pack photoinfopsygnosis1991
Lemmings, All New World of photoinfopsygnosis1995
Lemmings, Christmas '93 photoinfopsygnosis1993
Lemmings, Christmas '94 photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1994
Lemmings, Christmas '94 [V.2] photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1994
Lemmings, Oh No! more photoinfoscreenspsygnosis1991
Let's Spell at Home photoinfoscreenssoft stuff1990
Lethal Weapon screensocean1992
Lethal Xcess : Wings of Death II infoscreenseclipse1991
Lettrix photoinfoscreenssoftware 20001990
Liberation : Captive II photoinfoscreensmindscape1994
Lin Wu's Challenge photoinfoscreenslasersoft1990
Line of Fire photoinfoscreensu.s.gold1990
Lionheart photoinfothalion1992
Live and Let Die photoinfoscreensdomark1989
Locomotion (byte back) photoinfoscreensbyte back1991
Locomotion (kingsoft) photoinfoscreenskingsoft1992
Logical photoinfoscreensrainbow arts1991
Logo photoinfoscreensstarbyte1990
Lollypop photoinfoscreensrainbow arts1995
Lombard RAC Rally photoinfoscreensmandarin1988
Loom infoscreenslucasfilm1990
Loopz photoinfoscreensaudiogenic1990
Loopz US photoinfoscreensmindscape1990
Lord of the Rings photoinfoscreensinterplay1991
Lords of Doom photoinfoscreensstarbyte1991
Lords of the Rising Sun photoinfoscreensmirrorsoft1989
Lords of the Rising Sun US photoinfoscreenscinemaware1989
Lords of Time photoinfoscreenshollyware1992
Lords of War photoinfoscreensdigital concepts1989
Lost Patrol photoinfoocean1990
Lost Vikings, The photoinfoscreensvirgin1993
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge photoinfoscreensgremlin1990
Lotus II : Turbo Challenge photoinfoscreensgremlin1991
Lotus III : The Ultimate Challenge photoinfoscreensgremlin1992
Lotus Trilogy photoinfogremlin1994
Lure of the Temptress photoinfoscreensvirgin1992
Lurking Horror, The photoinfoscreensinfocom1987