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I Ludicrus photoinfoscreenscrl1989
Ice Hockey photoinfoscreensanco1989
Ice Runner photoinfoscreensmagic soft1991
Impact photoinfoscreensaudiogenic1987
Impossible Mission 2025 photoinfoscreensmicroprose1993
Incredible Crash Dummies, The photoinfoscreensvirgin1994
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom photoinfoscreensmindscape1989
Indiana Jones III : Last Crusade infolucasfilm1989
Indiana Jones III : The Action Game photoinfoscreenslucasfilm1989
Indiana Jones IV : Fate of Atlantis photoinfolucasarts1993
Indiana Jones IV : The Action Game photoinfolucasarts1992
Indianapolis 500 : The Simulation photoinfoscreenselectronic arts1990
Innocent Until Caught photoinfopsygnosis1994
Insects in Space photoinfoscreenshewson1991
Inspector Griffu photoinfoscreensariolasoft1989
Intact photoinfoscreenssphinx1989
International 3D Tennis photoinfoscreenspalace1990
International Championship Wrestling photoinfoscreenshewson1989
Interphase photoinfoscreensimage works1989
Into the Eagle's Nest photoinfoscreensmindscape1988
Invest photoinfoscreensstarbyte1990
Iron Lord photoinfoscreensubi soft1989
Ishar 2 : Messengers of Doom infoscreenssilmarils1993
Ishar 3 : The Seven Gates Of Infinity photoinfosilmarils1994
Ishar : Legend of the Fortress photoinfosilmarils1992
ISS : Incredible Shrinking Sphere photoinfoscreenselectric dreams1989
It Came From The Desert photoinfoscreensmirrorsoft1989
It Came From The Desert II - Antheads photoinfoscreensmirrorsoft1990
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road photoinfoscreensvirgin1990