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# 21st century A accolade acid actionware activision addictive aegis alternative anachronia anco arc arcadia arcana arcane ariolasoft art edition art of dreams artgame ascon attic audiogenic avatar consulting B b.u.b. bifi roll black legend black magic soft blade blittersoft blue byte boeder bomico broderbund byte back C california dreams capcom cds challenge soft chip cinemaware codemasters coktel core cosmi crl cyberdreams D data east datasoft dde delphine delta konzept demonware diamond digital concepts digital integration digital magic dinamic disc company discovery disney domark dynamix E eas eclipse effigy electric dreams electronic arts electronic zoo elite empire endurance energize epic interactive epyx epyx / u.s.gold ere international esp euro gold starl. eurosoft exocet extender F firebird flair fortress free spirit ftl G gainstar gametek gdg genias global software golden goblins gonzo games grandslam gremlin guildhall H hewson hex hi-tec hollyware I i.c.e. idea image works impressions impulze infocom infogrames innerprise interactivision internecine interplay interstel K kaiko kingsoft krisalis L lankhor lasersoft legend leisure genius lifetimes linel lobo logotron loriciel lucasarts lucasfilm M magic bytes magic soft magnetic scrolls mandarin mastertronic max design maxis megalith melbourne house merit software micro illusions micro status microdeal microids microplay microprose microstyle millennium mindcraft mindscape mirrorsoft N nbg neo new world com novagen O oase ocean omnitrend on-line one, the origin outlaw P p.s.s. palace pandora paragon parsec software pcsl playbyte players polaware power computing prestige psyclapse psygnosis R rainbird rainbow arts rauser-europe ready soft reline renegade S sadeness sierra silmarils simulmondo soft stuff softgang softgold softshop software 2000 software business software toolworks spectr. holobyte sphinx ssi starbyte storm sublogic sunflowers supervision supervisons swiss comp. arts system 3 T taito talesoft team 17 team17 / ocean thalamus thalion time warner titus tomahawk trojan turtle byte tynesoft U u.s.gold ubi soft V verkosoft virgin visionary design vulcan W wicked X xplosive Z zeppelin