Sim City Architecture - Ancient Cities [us]
Year 1991    
Hardware OCS,ECS
Publisher Infogrames
Developer Maxis
Category Simulation / Strategy / (Data Disk)
This versions languages
English English English
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1 Disk(s) | Game Manual
! This is the US version of the add-on also know as Sim City Architecture 1 : Ancient Cities (in the US).
(In contrast to the Europe version there this add-on was named and pubplished as Architecture 2.)

! This add-on must be installed separately on HD or disc. To creat a working architecture set you need a copy of the original Sim City (at least v1.2).

! Sim City Architecture : Ancient Cities contains: Medieval Times, Wild West, Ancient Asia and all other scenarios from the original Sim City game (with adapted tasks).
sequel to:   Sim City
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