Year 1986    
Hardware OCS
Publisher Mindscape
Category Educational / Simulation
This versions languages
English English English
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1 Disk(s) | Game Manual (attached to the box/folder) | manual: Institute of Artificial Insanity | sheet: An Excursion Into Artificial Insanity | advert: Special Offer (T-Shirt) | advert: Product Catalog - Mindscape | card: Registration
! As Eliza (by Joseph Weizenbaum, designed in 1966) was an early computer program that simulates artificial intelligence, so Racter is a program that simulates artificial insanity [...] A program that interviews you, tells you stories and anecdotes, etc. Doing that, Racter strings together words according to "syntax directives", and that the illusion of coherence is increased by repeated re-use of text variables.

! The Amiga version (like the Macintosh version) includes speech synthesis.