Year 1992    
Hardware OCS,ECS
Publisher Ocean
Developer Red-Rat-Soft
Category Puzzle / Platform
This versions languages
What's in the BOX ?
2 Disk(s) | Game Manual | Pushover Passwort Chart | sheet: Keyboard Settings | sheet: Coupon (free single pack of QUAVERS) | OCEAN-bag | card: Questionary
! The game was sponsored by Smiths' (now Walkers) British snack Quavers, where the game plot revolved around the Quavers mascot 'Colin Curly' losing his Quavers packets down a giant ant hill. It is then up to the Pushover character 'G.I.Ant', to go inside the ant hill and recover the Quavers. (wiki)

! There are two different versions of the game available.
The first release (often comes with yellow patterned discs) does not work correctly on an A1200, whereas the second release is compatible with it 100% (often comes with white printed disc labels and "1200 compatible" sticker on the box).
prequel to:   One Step Beyond