Lemmings, Christmas '94 [V2]
Year 1994    
Hardware OCS,ECS
Publisher Psygnosis
Developer DMA
Category Puzzle / Platform / Strategy
This versions languages
English Multilingual Multilingual
What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | Game Manual | sheet: 1994 Christmas Lemmings Addendum
! This is Christmas Lemmings 1994 sold/shipped in a Christmas Lemmings '93 box, together with a '93 manual (plus addendum for Christmas Lemmings '94). As the box-sticker says, this version Includes '93 and '94 versions (like the standard '94 version).

! The insert / addendum says:
Level Layout
1994 Christmas Lemmings is divided into 4 categories, not 2 as specified in the manual, each containing 16 levels. The first two categories are Frost an Hail. These two groups represent the 32 new levels for 1994. The last two catagories are Flurry and Blizzard (or Blitz). These two groups represent the 32 bonus levels featured in 1993. Each of these groups are accessible from the main menu, by either pressing on your up and down cursor keys (PC version), or by clicking on the respective arrows on the screen (Amiga and Macintosh versions).
Within the 4 catagories, the Frost and Flurry contain the easier levels, while Hail and Blizzard/Blitz contain the more challinging levels. If you find yourself stumped, it may be easier for you to start a different category, and then come back later after you've experienced a few more Lemmings adventures.

! also known as: Holiday Lemmings '94
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