Hawaiian Odyssey - Scenery Adventure
Year 1988    
Hardware OCS
Publisher SubLOGIC
Developer SubLOGIC
Category Simulation / (Data Disk)
This versions languages
English English (with German addon) English
What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | manual: Operating Handbook | manual: Instruction to 'Hawaiian Odyssey' | sheet: Amiga Scenery Disk Loading Instructions | sheet/tab: Hawaii | File-Foil | German Manual (summary of the english manuals and sheets) | map: Airport Directory - Hawaii Area Chart | advert: SubLOGIC - Product Catalog | advert/order-card: SubLogic Scenery Disk Notebook | card: Registration
! This Scenery (Data Disk) expands the flying environment of all SubLogic flight simulation programs (Flight Simulator 2 & Jet).

! You must have a SubLogic flight simulator program in order to use this disk.

Description: SubLogic has released a lot of scenery disks, but Hawaiian Odyssey is unique. Of course, it includes the standard scenery for the Hawaiian islands, including all the airports, downtown Honolulu, and Pearl Harbor. But in the caldera of a vulcano is a "space warp" that projects you into a weird fantasyland occupied by objects like a giant grand piano an a huge kitchen! It also includes a built-in adventure that has you following arrows around Hawaii to locate a missing gem. Imaginative stuff, and a fun break from standard flying. (Info 06/90)