G-LOC R360
Year 1992    
Hardware OCS,ECS
Publisher U.S.Gold
Developer Images
Category Shoot 'em-up / Action / Simulation
This versions languages
English Multilingual Multilingual
What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | Game Manual and Advert (product catalog) in one
! Based on 1990 SEGA coin-op.

Besides normal arcade coin-ops SEGA produced two versions of this arcade designed like a cockpit layout with a fighter-type steering control. The standard sitdown version tilts forward, backward, left, and right (like the sitdown cabinet of After Burner), while the deluxe version, the "R-360 Cabinet", rotates a full 360 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical axes.

! The phrase LOC stands for Loss Of Consciousness. Particularly with regard to the full rotating R-360 arcade cabinet this should be taken literally. ;_)

flyer source: TAFA
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