Beneath a Steel Sky [CD32]
Year 1994    
Hardware CD32 [ OCS,ECS ]
Publisher Virgin
Developer Revolution
Category Adventure
This versions languages
What's in the BOX ?
1 CD | Jewel Case with Game Manual (Cover) and Back | card: Registration
! Like the PC version this one comes with full speech (talki-version).

! The CD32 boxart and boxmaterial has a slight difference to the normal AMIGA version.

! This Amiga-CD and CD32 version has no save-function. you will get codes during the game to restart at certain points.

! Robert Foster appears in a comical Easter egg in Revolution Softwares game Broken Sword II : The Smoking Mirror. (s:wiki)

! The character Mrs. Danielle Piermont appears in Revolution Softwares game Broken Sword as the character Lady Piermont (and is even voiced by the same actor). (s:wiki)

! The first working title was "Underworld" , because the game took place in Australia (Down Under). However, it was decided that the name was too closely to Origin Systems' game "Ultima Underworld". (s:wiki)
alternative to:   Beneath a Steel Sky