Armour Geddon [V2]
Year 1991    
Hardware OCS, ECS
Publisher Psygnosis
Developer Psygnosis
Category Action / (3D) / Simulation
This versions languages
English Multilingual Multilingual
What's in the BOX ?
2 Disk(s) | Game Manual | sheet: Keyboard Controls
! 2 Disk Version (psygnosis strong/wide sleeve box).
! This Version comes without the third (official saved-game) disk.

! (The small code-book is for the copy-protection of the pc version only.)

Description: Armour Geddon is a mutlti-vehicle sim based on a 3D game-engine. Your aim is to put together a fighting force of various vehicles with which to retrieve pieces of technology, necessary to build a large bomb for use on a heavily shielded laser weapon. If you fail to get the components in time, this laser will fire, bouncing the beam off a satellite and then back to earth; means: Game Over.
alternative to:   Armour Geddon