Adventures of Robin Hood, The
Year 1991 First on various systems
Hardware OCS, ECS
Publisher Millennium
Category Action / Adventure
This versions languages
Multilingual Multilingual Multilingual
What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | Game Manual | Robin Hood - Hints
! Unlike traditional adventure games, Robin Hood is a very non-linear game. After the introduction the player is given a totally free hand to plan the actions which help Robin to achieve his ultimate goal. It is up to the player to gather the necessary information, tools (icons) and friends (Merry Men) which help Robin to complete his mission. This is done by wandering around the game world, interacting with people, solving puzzles and performing various deeds.

The player also needs to keep up with the general ongoing events of the game world - everything in the game happens in realtime so it is sometimes necessary to be in the right place at the right time. The game gives subtle hints - for example, the trumpet sound usually means there's some important announcement given in the castle yard the player might want to hear. The main character is also eager to point out if there's something interesting happening nearby - it is up to the player to decide whether it is important enough to stop Robin's current activities and check them out.

There are several ways to win the game. Due to the real time nature of the game it is quite easy to miss some secrets the game offers but still complete the mission - finding these secrets offers some additional replay value after the player has completed the game the first time. (unknown reviewer)