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In MEMOry of all the great Commodore-AMIGA games we played during our childhood. This is my personal tribute and MEMOrial to one of the greatest home computers ever created and of course: its wonderful games.

Which started as a small private museum went beyond the scope of a subjective collection. Meanwhile all games added by me reflect for the most part the amiga gaming history and amigamemo has become a well-known database for Amiga game enthusiasts and collectors so far: Featuring the creme de la creme of sought-after collectible games but also less known titles with extraordinary cover-arts, extensive designed boxes, interesting extra materials and gimmicks as well as special editions.

With continuous entries to the museum AmigaMemo.com still follows a basic principle: Only games in excellent collector's condition, complete with all extra material will be added to the museum and pictured. Following this, all gamers and collectors can be 100% sure to see their favourite amiga game as it was meant to be: complete and in excellent condition. AmigaMemo.com believes in
"Quality for Quantity" !

All of the games in the museum are part of my Amiga collection. They are NOT for sale or purchase.
Have fun! Beste Regards phil

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AmigaMemo created by: Philipp [Phil] Frei

Philipp Frei . Max-Steinke-Str.27 . 13086
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All photos / screenshots on AmigaMemo are property of Philipp Frei and further usage is not allowed without permission. This applies to commercial as well as non-commercial use. Regarding the screenshots, the same rules apply (HOL Team was kind enough to provide some of them). If you are interested in some of the pictures, please contact me via e-mail..

Special Thanks goes to:

abime.net - amiga addicts sanctuary
"Hall Of Light" - Team, für einige verwendtete Screenshots.
Andreas Kühnel, Norman [NOA] & Julius für die php-Hilfe.
Maik Wiechmann, Matze, Kurt Seifert , dem ´The Legacy´ Stab und der besten Amiga Community A1k.org für das Glück, meine Sammelleidenschaft mit Freunden teilen zu können.